About Us

REG ENGINEERING Ltd is in this industry since 1994 with the following basic and permanent subject of activities: investigation, designing, establishment and maintenance of security systems, 24-hour monitoring of security systems and project security by special equipment and patrol reaction.

REG ENGINEERING Ltd offers solutions in the field of security: from conventional to unique ones meeting the conditions and demands of the Client to highest extent and complying with the European Standards and Rates. The Company applies cutting-edge and innovative fire warning, fire extinguishing, security, and video surveillance and control equipment. Combining more than one system the Company offers reliable solutions on prevention level also in projects with various functions and in any conditions: broken grounds, remoteness, low and high temperature, dust, aggressive and explosion hazardous environment, etc.

REG ENGINEERING Ltd is experienced in establishment of systems for control of evacuation and smoke, and for warning; in application of equipment and facilities for acts of terrorism prevention (detection of explosives and explosive devices, optic devices, etc.)

With its Centre for round-the-clock monitoring of security system the company provides not only security of projects by special equipment and patrol reaction but adequate service maintenance also due to permanent information of the system state.